Man, Machine & DDoS Mitigation: The Case for Human Cyber Security Expertise

Published January 2014

Man, Machine & DDoS Mitigation: The Case for Human Cyber Security Expertise

Can automated DDoS mitigation appliances alone stop today’s large, brute force DDoS attacks from bringing down your website? The answer is no. Attackers can overwhelm and sidestep static devices in several ways. In Prolexic’s experience, all the tools available today to fight against DDoS attacks are missing the most important part of the solution – the experience of an expert security engineer. Human eyes and creativity will continue to prove to be the best method to mitigate attacks launched by live attackers.

What you’ll learn

In this white paper, find out why you need human cyber security expertise in today’s DDoS threatscape:

  • Understand the current and future DDoS threatscape
  • Learn the capabilities and limitations of specific types of DDoS mitigation appliances
  • Find out how live attackers overwhelm automated systems
  • Understand the weaknesses of the new breed of intelligent DDoS mitigation devices
  • Avoid blocking legitimate traffic when under attack
  • Learn about Akamai’s Security Operations Center

What you need to know

  • Automated DDoS mitigation appliances are not able to stop large, brute-force DDoS attacks
  • DDoS attacks continue to increase in complexity; attackers change tactics throughout the event
  • A recent study found that the estimated financial impact of a DDoS attack is US$2.1 million dollars for every four hours of downtime
  • Some DDoS attacks exceed 100 Gbps, which exceed DDoS mitigation appliance capabilities

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