Up-to-the-minute cybersecurity intelligence and insight into DDoS threats

Security Visualizations

View DDoS attack activity worldwide in near real-time, including global sources, types, volume and targets.

Global map of DDoS attacks

See the most recent 5000 DDoS attacks mitigated by Akamai. Each DDoS attack source can command hundreds or thousands of DDoS bots. Customize your view by zooming in or out. Click to turn off cluster data, lines, source and/or destination.

For Maximum Viewing – Please open Browser to Fit Screen

Country rankings

Each time a bot is used in a DDoS attack against an Akamai client, the bot’s IP address and location are logged and tracked. See source countries for DDoS attacks for the past 24-hours or all time.

Attack types

A snapshot of global DDoS attack types by popularity, as witnessed by Akamai. This data is reviewed and validated quarterly. Select to view data over the last 30 days or all-time.

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