Attack Trends and Statistics

Through data forensics and post attack analysis Akamai provides valuable data on the origins, tactics, types, and targets of cyber- attacks and identifies emerging trends.

Attack Trends and Statistics

Malicious hackers launch thousands of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks each day. It’s not just your website that is at risk, either. DDoS attacks can inflict damage by taking down automated communication systems, VoIP systems, email, bill-pay applications and more.

Our quarterly security reports are based on data collected during attacks against our global customer base. Akamai is ideally positioned to collect valuable data on the origins, tactics, types, and targets of these attacks and identify emerging DDoS trends. Through data forensics and post attack analysis, Akamai builds a global view of DDoS attack trends.

Akamai’s quarterly State of the Internet: Security reports compare DDoS metrics and observations quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year, including:

  • Number of attacks
  • Attack size: bandwidth and volume
  • Attack duration: average and peaks
  • Specific types of attacks used
  • Target industries
  • Source countries
  • Spotlight on an actual attack
  • Case study of a hot-topic issue, such as trends in attack toolkits, trends in botnet profiles, platforms targeted or vulnerabilities exploited
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Download the most recent quarterly security report:

Q4 2014 State of the Internet – Security Report

Recent quarterly security reports:

  • Q3 2014 Global DDoS Attack Report

    Thriving criminal industry taps into Internet devices, spreads easy-to-use tools
    Four-fold increase in DDoS attack size and volume
    Spotlight: 321 Gbps DDoS attack
    Case study: DDoS botnets built from devices other than PCs and servers
    Emerging threat: Phishing attacks target third-party content providers

  • Q2 2014 Global DDoS Attack Report

    Malicious actors switch tactics to build, deploy and conceal powerful botnets
    Attack activity remains elevated
    Spotlight: A powerful botnet –powered DNS attack
    Case study: Botnet construction based on web vulnerabilities

  • Q1 2014 Global DDoS Attack Report

    Malicious actors choose reflection, not infection for record-setting DDoS attacks
    Number of DDoS attacks, peak bandwidth soar
    Spotlight: Record-setting DDoS attack
    Case study: WordPress DDoS pingback application reflection attack

  • Q4 2013 Global DDoS Attack Report

    Mobile applications being used for DDoS attacks
    Ease of use, widespread availability fuel growing threat
    Spotlight: Multi-vector DDoS campaign
    Case study: The Asian DDoS threat

  • Q3 2013 Global DDoS Attack Report

    DDoS perpetrators changed tactics to amplify attack sizes and hide identities
    Can now use smaller botnets to launch high-bandwidth attacks
    Attack spotlight: Multi-layer, multi-vector attack
    Case study: DrDoS reflection services within the underground marketplace

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